Tell the Federal Government it’s wrong to “rob Peter to pay Paul” – Don’t cut FTB & PPL – find your $3.5B elsewhere!

Tell the Prime Minister and Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison to stop their attack on Family Tax Benefit.

The Federal Government has proposed to increase the childcare budget by $3.5 billion to help more Australian families better afford childcare.

BUT instead of using funds from his $5.5 billion scrapped PPL scheme – The Prime Minister broke his promise to Australian families and is now insisting that any new money for childcare must come from stripping away the Family Tax Benefit payments so many families, in particular sole parent families, depend on.

This is simply wrong and The Parenthood will be fighting it every step of the way.

What you can do –

Sign our petition!

Call on the Prime Minister and Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison to stop their attack on Family Tax Benefit and instead find another way to fund their “jobs for families package”

Send a message to a cross bench Senator.

With Labor and Greens currently committed to blocking the cuts to the Family Tax Benefit payments in the Senate the Government is depending on the support of these Crossbench Senators to pass the cuts.

Senator Jacqui Lambie Independent Senator for Tasmania

Senator Glenn Lazarus Independent Senator for Queensland

Senator John Madigan Independent Senator for Victoria

Senator Nick Xenophon Independent Senator for South Australia

Senator Zhenya Wang Palmer United Party Senator for Western Australia

Senator Ricky Muir Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator for Victoria

Senator Bob Day, Family First Senator for South Australia

Senator David Leyonhjelm Liberal Democratic Party Senator for New South Wales

Messages from parents have a critical impact on the voting intentions of key crossbench Senators  - we know this after thousands of Parenthood members made a critical difference in keeping these cuts to Family Tax Benefit payments stalled in the Senate since their announcement in last year’s budget.

Let’s keep up the pressure!

Send the Senator/s from your State an email right now and tell him/her that Australian parents don’t support cuts to the Family Tax Benefits.