Joe Hockey – using the PPL as it is designed is not double dipping. Stop attacking the Gov’t PPL! #ImNotADoubleDipper

“The mother of all insults”.

That’s what they’re calling Joe Hockey’s shock paid parental leave announcement he made on Mother’s Day.

Just when parents were getting excited about a childcare package that is set to help thousands of working parents across Australia, the Treasurer dropped the bombshell that parents will no longer be able to access government paid parental leave if their employer offers it.

Joe Hockey says mums are “double dipping”.

This decision will affect 80,000 parents and will see almost half of the parents eligible for the paid parental scheme lose $11,500 in leave benefits.

What a stunning turnaround from a Prime Minister and Government whose signature policy in the 2013 Federal Election was to significantly increase paid parental leave. This new policy is a not even a shadow of what Mr Abbott took to the last election.

So we’re calling on Joe Hockey to recognise this IS NOT double dipping and to do a backflip on his backflip.

Send Joe Hockey an email right now, and tell him that using the PPL as it was designed is not “Double Dipping” & to guarantee a genuine paid parental leave for all Australian families.