Our mission

To advocate on behalf of Australian parents to bring about positive policy changes that improve the future for all children.


Who we are

We are Australia’s biggest movement of parents – a community of mums and dads with a voice in government and business.

We are non-partisan – we believe that education, health and the support of good parenting should be a top priority for all political parties.

We are not for profit – we are for parents.


The background

The Parenthood is a new, not for profit, advocacy group for Australian parents. It represents mums, dads, grandparents and primary carers and lobbies on their behalf to government and business to gain positive policy changes.

The Parenthood was established by a group of Australian not-for-profit organisations who recognised Australian parents didn’t have a vehicle to advocate for change.

Thousands of parents who want a voice in government and business have already joined The Parenthood.

The Parenthood is led by a core team of staff and supported by our Parents Advisory Group - a unique alliance of parents and experts who represent the voices of mums and dads from around the country. The group helps guide the direction of the organisation and offers advice and support on campaigns.

A diverse board with extensive experience in digital campaigning, strategic communications, movement building and the big issues facing today’s children take responsibility for The Parenthood’s long-term strategy and financial governance.



The Parenthood receives financial, in-kind and campaign support from the following organisations:


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Our principles

The Parenthood is built around five key principles:

Strong voice 
We believe that all parents should have a say in the formulation of the policies that will affect the future of our children and parenting.

We believe that all children deserve a quality education and first-class health services.

We support the development of policies that help disadvantaged families.

We believe that Australia should provide a high level of support to all parents and children.

Community movement
We want to build a large movement of parents, grandparents and carers through the use of innovative organising and cutting edge campaign techniques and digital engagement.


Our scope

    • Child health
    • Education
    • Early childhood learning
    • Family-friendly workplaces
    • Child nutrition (and junk food advertising)
    • Equality of opportunity for kids from different backgrounds and geographical areas
    • Social services for parents

The Parenthood works with the following groups to secure the best outcomes for parents and their families:

    • Government, opposition parties and departments at all levels
    • Corporate sector – all levels of business
    • Early childhood and child development professionals
    • Parents and grandparents
    • Other carers of young children
    • Various peak organisations, lobby groups and not for profit organisations



Jo Briskey Executive Director


Having trained as an Educational Developmental Psychologist and worked in implementing child and youth health and mental health government policy, Jo brings a wealth of experience to her role as Executive Director. Jo is also a relatively new mum of daughter Gwenevieve.







Pat McDermott Campaigns and media

090 Jane Pat About

Pat has over 5 years experience in media and digital campaigning and organising. He is passionate about cultivating movements of activists and creating change in our communities using digital technologies. He has worked previously in the union movement and for government and is excited to utilise that knowledge and experience campaigning for better outcomes for kids and parents at The Parenthood.